Rural Tour In Rajasthan

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BHI Home Stay for tranquility and spiritual peace.
Responsible Rural Tourism Rajasthan, India.
Travel to Rural India and stay with a BHI Home Stay or Jungle Camp…
host.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the village of Bhimwas Jamwa Ramgarh of , District- Jaipur – Sub Division-Jamwa Ramgarh
State-owned Rajasthan, India.
We can host tourists all year round who want to experience a real life,self cooking, organic food…
experience in Rural India in an area of outstanding natural beauty in
the foothills of the Arravali Hills (elevation 1200 meters approx ).
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in your network for good cause.
We would like to reach out to worldwide students, volunteers, social
activists, Eco and budget tourists. A volunteering opportunity with
Responsible and Sustainable Rural tourism Rajasthan, India.

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